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Security Lighting: What You Need To Know

Posted on April 3, 2015 at 10:40 AM

It’s unfortunate that every night we turn on the local news we are confronted with the rising number of burglaries. Using a common-sense approach to home defense can improve security and provide increased protection for your family and possessions.

 Burglars have one main goal: Don’t get caught. To avoid detection, stay in the shadows. Security lighting can ruin a burglar’s day.


While burglaries do take place during the day, night time is still the best cover. When looking to make your house less targetable, one of the easiest solutions is lighting, both indoor and outdoor. If you make it appear that someone is home, burglars are more likely to pass by without a second glance. Shedding light outside the house is also a deterrent.


Indoor Home Security Lighting

Inside, establish a routine and stick with it. Some burglars will case a target to pinpoint vulnerabilities, such as the occupants going out of town. A timer can disguise your absence. Set the lights to turn on at a certain time in the morning and off at a set time at night. Make sure to turn on more than just one light. Intruders see only one light almost as if it’s a homing beacon for absence. If you use several lights with timers it will be harder for a burglar to tell when you’re gone, whether you’re on a trip, or if you are just working late. It’s also beneficial to use timers even when you are at home. This will maintain a routine and could possibly cut down on energy use.

Outdoor Home Security Lighting


Outdoors, it’s all about visibility. The area immediately outside of your home is the first line of defense. Yard lights (both front and back) are great, but solar lights are probably too dim to do much in the way of security. 120-volt lights are better, and should be placed at strategic points such as entries, above garage doors, and walkways. Exterior lighting needs to bright enough for you to see 100-feet and it helps if you can identify colors. Good lighting is definitely a deterrent to criminals because they don’t want to be seen or identified. Any hiding spots, like clusters of trees or freestanding structures, should also be well-lit. If you’re concerned about efficiency, most lights can be hooked up to motion detectors so they only turn on when needed.

Let’s recap residential security lighting:

1. Use interior light timers to establish a pattern of occupancy

2. Exterior lighting should allow 100- feet of visibility

3. Use good lighting along the pathway and at your door

4. Use light timers or photo-cells to turn on/off lights automatically

5. Use infra-red motion sensor lights on the rear of single family homes

Researching and implementing effective security lighting for your home will provide increased protection and peace of mind. Practical consumers know the importance of checking reviews, warranties and return policies before making a purchase. For more information and ideas on security lighting, contact Northern Electric & Automation Today.


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